Care and maintenance of powdercoated steel

How to care for powdercoated steel

IMPORTANT: Powder coating was designed for Aluminium. However it has been used successfully for many years over galvanised steel but the product and application is inconsistent with its purpose so it is not covered by this specific end use suitability in The Dulux performance warranty.


Protect the fence, balustrade etc. at all times from contact with:

  • Wet cement or plaster, paint splashes, chemicals, solvents, stains and fertilisers. If contact does occur, remove the contaminant immediately and wash as described below.
  • Copper, brass, lead, mild steel, CCA treated timber, cement or concrete less than a month old and water which has contacted any of these substances.

The fence, balustrade etc. and its fixing points must be cleaned down at least every six months. In areas where pollutants are common such as industrial, geothermal areas and orchard, vineyards etc, and for all sites within 1 km from the sea or in a seaspray zone identified by Section 4.2 of NZS 3604:1999, cleaning must be carried out more frequently as required, but not less than every three months.

Cleaning Procedure:
  • Remove loose deposits with a wet sponge. Do not dry dust or these surfaces will be scratched. Remove any moss growth, and ensure that any drain holes are unblocked.
  • Using a soft brush and a mild household detergent in warm fresh water, clean the surface to remove any dust, salt or other deposits. Pay particular attention to any areas not washed naturally by the rain.
  • Always rinse well after cleaning with fresh water to remove any remaining detergent.

Some solvents, household cleaners, bleaches and abrasive cleaners are harmful to the surface finish and must not be used. If paint splashes, sealants or other stubborn stains need to be removed, the following products can be safely used: Methylated Spirits, Turpentine and White Spirits. Specialist advice should be sought where the above treatments are unsuccessful.


Powder coated surfaces will lose some gloss with time. Where desired, powder coated gloss may be enhanced with "Dulux Gloss Up", in accordance with the manufacturers instructions.